Britton Holden

starmediateam-brittonholdenOriginally from Dallas, TX, Britton Holden has been trailblazing the content marketing and branded entertainment space since 2006-  over 10 years of experience and the production of hundreds of national television advertising, branding, and marketing campaigns for some of the world’s largest companies. Some of the companies Britton has launched campaigns for include Proctor and Gamble, Kimberly Clark, Ann Taylor, Coca-Cola, Expedia, Boeing, and Bayer. Because of Britton’s immense passion for marketing and content creation, she has had the privilege of spearheading numerous television shows that have aired on multiple networks including The Food Network, Fox Business News, CNBC, TLC, an Discovery Channel.
In addition, she has catapulted many the nation’s leading female innovators in the development and management of several brands within the health and wellness sector. During her tenure she regularly partnered with print and broadcast media including popular television networks and award-winning shows such as The View, Piers Morgan Tonight, Access Hollywood, Harper’s Bazaar, Natural Solutions, Dr. Oz, PBS specials, Good Morning America, and QVC.
Britton is the first individual to have facilitated a partnership with the indigenous Kuna people of Panama to develop an economically, environmentally and culturally sustainable industry for their cocoa production. In October 2015, she was a part of a landmark partnership agreement with the Kuna Amerinds to share their story through many of the brands she has driven based on this concept. Britton continues to support the Kuna farmers on a sustainable business plan to revive their cacao crop and preserve their way of life, for generations to come.
Subsequent to making her footprint in television programming, Britton has continued to educate and inform herself, and in 2016 obtained a Bachelors in Business Communications from the prestigious school Northwestern State University- graduating head of her class.
In 2012, Britton was awarded an Emmy Award for best daytime television as VP of Programming. In her acceptance speech she shared that showcasing ideas on living well and sustainable businesses is what drives her.