Jason Leslie

Born and raised in the Midwest with a strong work ethic, Jason developed the spirit of an entrepreneur at an early age. At 15, while attending high school, he worked part time in his families successful wholesale distribution business. He went on to form his own distribution division and data communications company earning the trust of clients like Lily Corporation and Target Racing! At 17, to hone his business skills, Jason enrolled in the Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs where he earned a BS degree in Public Management and Business Foundations from the Kelley School of Business. Upon graduating, he decided to spread his wings and take a position in management with a private commercial equity company in sunny South Florida. While in this capacity, Jason was offered a project manager position with a manufacturer of steel buildings. His responsibilities included overseeing and designing projects for schools, warehouses, corporations, retailers, even airplane hangers all across the country!

Besides his passion for business, Jason also has a heart for helping others. Over a decade ago, he founded Trinity by Traditions, a destination that has helped rebuild the lives of many individuals and families throughout the South Florida area! Mr. Leslie is excited to bring his business mind and caring heart to StarMedia Productions where he will oversee and contribute to its daily business operations as well as run the soon to be formed StarMedia Foundation!